4 star hotel derry

Most cities in the UK are highly urban and ultra-modern with sophisticated features that have overshadowed the history behind each town. Derry, however, remains natural and highly conservative in its architecture, the people, and its past. While visiting Northern Ireland and you're looking to explore a city full of culture, history and amazing places of interest, make a stop-over in the city of Derry. The food is amazing and the hospitality is unique. And staying at one of the luxurious 4 start hotel Derry can offer is just the tip on the iceberg.

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Why you should visit derry England

Derry is a cultural and historical hub with the Unionists and Nationalists communities making up the majority. The word Derry is derived from an Irish word 'Doire' which means Oak grove. In the 17th century, King James I quest to get rid of spoken Gaelic and Anglicise Irish resulted in the addition of prefix London to the word Derry, thus Londonderry. To date, it remains highly contested by the locals although it was declared in the royal charter of 1613.


Even if the history amazes you, the murals will leave you astounded. Derry has got not so appealing history. For instance the 1972 killing of 26 Northern Irish civilians by British paratroopers left a huge scar that you can see through the several murals across the city walls. The art uses several colours that give an almost real impression of an historical incident. Murals have become part of Northern Ireland but specially Derry. They depict the past and present political and religious differences. What appeals more with the murals is how this beautiful piece of art has been incorporated throughout the city's architecture? Top hotels have murals beautifully incorporated into interior deco that adds plush and candid appeal to the guest rooms.

Amazing villages and surrounding areas

The villages on the outskirts of Derry are amazing. Home designs are super with a touch for ancient architecture yet modern in every sense. If you staying in a top 4 star hotel derry can offer, be sure to enjoy beautiful sites of Roe Valley Country Park as well as the Sperrins and the nearby rivers. You can catch the annual music festivals at the park Village. While you are still experiencing the amazing Londonderry, you can take a stroll at the most beautiful foot bridge. Dubbed the Peace Bridge, it unites the Nationalists and the Unionists. Whilst there, you can watch firework shows, interact with the locals or just take a pose and listen to the quiet flow of River Foyle.

What makes a 4 star hotel good?

If you've decided to visit the city of Derry, consider staying in one of the many high-end 4 star hotels. While most hotel establishments claim to offer 4 star hotel services, quality accommodation and excellent facilities, be sure to watch out for the following things. For one, upscale villas or posh rooms featuring quality bathrooms coming with high-end bathing regalia. Cleanliness is key and the bedding should be sparkling clean with freshness. A spa, indoor swimming pool and a gym or exercise room adds the punch. A 4 star hotel should offer free, fast reliable Internet. Beside, online booking and payment is highly important. What makes a 4 star hotel remarkable is the friendly staff. They should be highly disciplined, cautious and able to handle all types of guests in a welcoming manner.